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Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends, Vol. 1 Review

Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends, Vol. 1
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The editorial is wrong, this has 20 episodes (2 DVDs) and is put together better than the $1 DVDs that Digiview released. Since this title is out of print, it is very unlikely that the final 20 episodes will be released on a second volume (though I am hoping they will release it once times are better). Hopefully this will happen, as Digiview did release the complete series of U.B.O.S. earlier this year (quite unexpected). With the lead voice of Scott McNeil as Nick Logan, this is a very good series to own.

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The complete pilot season of Roswell Conspiracies - 10 episodes in all, over 250 minutes. Voted the most compelling animated science fiction series in 1999, but did not last due to lack of advertising. It did however spin off a popular Playstation game. The story begins with Nick Logan, a skilled bounty hunter who in the normal course of business, accidentally tracks down an alien. He is unwillingly recruited by a secret government agency operating in Area 51, and late teams up with Sh'lainn Blaze, an alien with special powers from the Banshee planet. Their job is to track down various extraterrestrial beings who arrived on Earth centuries ago and are hiding among us. Alien enemies include the yetis, an alien race who are believed by humans to be vampires, the Aesiri race (who are mistaken for Norse/Viking deities), the Cerberus (a 3-headed parahound), Cyclops (mechanical giants built by aliens), Golem (stone creatures who are easily camouflaged), Lycanthrope (warewolf aliens), and many more. Set includes 2 DVDs.

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