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Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Movies (The Movie aka Revelations / The Heart Within) (1999) Review

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Movies (The Movie aka Revelations / The Heart Within) (1999)
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If you are a fan of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, then you probably wondered what happened at the end of the last series. What happened to the characters after the show ended? How did Katie grow up? Were Colleen and Andrew happily married? Do Sully and Dr. Quinn have any more children? What about Cloud Dancing and Dorothy, Robert E. and Grace?
I too, wondered those questions, until I discovered there were 2 Dr. Quinn movies that took place after the series had been cancelled. I quickly searched everywhere to get copies of them, only to find out they were being released on DVD a few months later.
The first Dr. Quinn movie, referred to here as "Dr. Quinn, the Movie" is also known as "Revolutions". The film begins by bringing us back to Colorado Springs. We see Sully as an important figure on the town council, Dr. Mike still working hard to cure people, and Katie, now a little girl watching her mom at work. The town looks just the same, as do the characters. Just like in the series, a huge event happens; Katie is kiddnapped! Dr. Mike and Sully have to follow her kiddnappers into Mexico, where most of the movie takes place. The settings are beautiful, (mainly filmed in Malibu Creek State Park and Paramount Ranch, in different locations than the series took place) Its riviting and the storyline is MUCH more complex than any stories that took place in the TV series. This was my favorite of the two films.
The second Dr. Quinn movie, "The Heart Within" follows up on Dr. Mike's family in Boston. Brian is a man now (he grew up beautifully, and sooo handsome!) and Colleen and her husband, Dr. Andrew Cook struggle to get Colleen's opinions accepted at Harvard Medical School. Like her mother, Colleen must also fight the prejudice of men as a woman doctor. She must also face Andrew Cook's father, a professor at Harvard. Dr. Quinn's mother is having heart troubles, and needs an experimental surgury to recover, but will it be worth it? Brian sets out to impress his family, and proove he is finally a man. This is a fabulous film, and really brings back what was so important in the TV series, morals, judgements and values, and teaching the difference between right and wrong. I thought that seeing Boston again was wonderful, the sets are amazing, as are the costumes. Dr Quinn has a BEAUTIFUL victorian bustled gown made up of GOLD satins and silks, and Sully is gorgeous in formalwear. Many people think this film was the better of the two, but I thought it left too many loose ends.
These movies are a must for any fan of the series. The characters are still just as memorable as they were through the series, and its a perfect wa to say goodbye to the end of the Dr. Quinn era. I never felt like the season 6 finale was enough, and the actors had no idea that the show was being cancelled; everyone anticipated comming back for a season 7. The two films satisfied my need to say goodbye to the characters, and answered some of my questions. I think these films were well done, for being made so long after the series had been cancelled. They are worth the money!

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